5 Best Exercises to Grow Taller after puberty

Yoga is therapeutic for many mental and physical ailments. The emerging field of yoga therapy works with individuals to find personalized yoga treatments.Yoga can also help you grow taller and build muscle.

You can perform several yoga asanas for grow taller. Here are 5 typical yoga postures for grow taller after puberty:
Lunge to Stretch Your Hips and Hamstrings

5 Best Exercises to Grow Taller after puberty

  • Step the right foot forward next to the right hand, coming into a low lunge.
  •  You should drop the back knee down to the floor at first for a nice stretch in both hips. 
  • Then straighten the back leg if you want to begin to work into your hamstrings, which run along the back side of thighs.
Grow taller with Plow:
• Lie on the floor with your legs straight up toward the ceiling at a 90 degree angle.

• Place your arms alongside your body with palms down.

• Press into your hands and engage your abs to lift your legs up and over your head.

• If your legs don't touch the floor behind you, place your hands on your back to support your weight.

• If your toes do hit the floor, clasp your hands together and try to roll your shoulder blades together under your body.

• Hold for 45 seconds and gently roll through your spine to release the pose.

5 Best Exercises to Grow Taller after puberty

 Hand to foot or Hastapadasana:

  Hand to foot pose is the most effective position to enhance to get some extra height. This yoga pose is most effective in the body part from head to toe. Hastapadasana is specially recommended for those who have the shorter upper part or the lower part of the body and want to get some extra height to look better

5 Best Exercises to Grow Taller after puberty

Standing Forward Bend - Uttanasana
  • Swan dive down into standing forward bend. 
  • Come up to flat back - ardha uttanasana with the fingertips on the floor or your hands on your shins, and then forward bend back into uttanasana.
  •  To get a good hamstring stretch, do this slowly.
  • While in this forward bend, you can try taking a yogi toe lock with your fingers hooked around your big toes to deepen your forward fold. 
  • Try slipping your upturned palms under your feet and to bend the knees and bring the palms flat next to your feet. 
  • Then work on straightening the legs while keeping the palms flat.
  • When you do this pose at home, you can take as much time as you want to hang out, a chance you don't often get in a class.
  •  Do five or more half sun salutations. This yoga can help you taller more 2 -3 inches.
5 Best Exercises to Grow Taller after puberty

Grow taller with Hanging:
5 Best Exercises to Grow Taller after puberty

Hanging exercise is quite effective to increase height. This yoga works with the help of gravitation. This exercise is kind of stretching. Hanging exercise can helps you grow taller after puberty. If you do this exercise 5minutes daily you will definitely get worthwhile result in a few days.

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