calcium pills help increase height after 20 years old?

You are 20 years old, calcium pills help increase height? Take 1 capsule daily after meals 500mg Calcium Sandoz. If you take drugs, your hieght can increase?
I want to grow tall. This year, I'm 20 years old, I'm male. I go to bed at 11h pm, weak up at 7am and sleep 1 hour after diner (1 day sleep 8-9 h), this ensuring that no, or forced to go to bed early?
And the addition of calcium per day Calcium Sandoz 500mg after lunch. Afternoon supplement vitamin A-D. Can I grow taller?

calcium pills help increase height

Main stage when the decision height is 5 years after the birth and the first stages of puberty. I'm 20 years old, height growth slows down, and up to 22 years old, height is often not increase further.

Human height depends on genetics, nutrition and sports training. Therefore, I want to grow tall attention to diet for a healthy body, get enough sleep, exercise and sport to promote the full potential of my height.

The diet must be rich, special attention should eat sufficient amounts of protein (lean meat, fish, eggs, milk, soy ..) and calcium needed for bone development (milk, canned fish bone material, shrimp, crabs, snails, vegetables ...). Especially calcium and protein milk, drink milk regularly every day.

Most of the development process takes place during sleep, because when that growth hormone is produced the most. Do not get enough sleep will increase the height limit of the child there.
calcium pills help increase height

While sleeping, try to keep your body as straight as possible. Located straight back, arms and legs stretched and relaxed. Do not lie too high pillow. When lying flat on the head with a pillow, neck bent forward, in this position, and pushed her head forward and back will be bent.

Practicing sports is intense, lasting 1.5 to 2 hours / day can increase growth hormone to 3 times, making the whole body including the development of height. Practicing sports disciplines height increases such as swimming, basketball, volleyball, jump rope, kick ...

On taking calcium supplements, vitamin drinks and AD Canci Sandoz 500mg per day, should not be used frequently prolonged because of the risk of poisoning vitamin A. You can combine calcium pills and vitamin D as Morecal, Cancitrol ... Should be taken 1 hour after breakfast with a full glass of water. However, calcium should not take long. The best is still drinking milk every day.

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