The advantage over the high-low


In the book "Sex & Economics" wrote: "Pretty good, but even better high." book that is proportional to the height of human success. If you are about 1.8 m high, you have the ability to earn more than $ 6,000 per year compared with the 1.6 m high when the same caliber. Every inch height gives an additional $ 1,000 per year salary with the same education and experience. Height affects many women no less than men. The higher income than lower ones.

The advantage over the high-low

Afternoon caocon affect the ability to advance to leadership positions. Of the 43 American presidents, only the height 5 has a slight edge over the average and Jimmy Carter, only little lower than average. But the U.S. president are higher than average stature in his time lived a few inches. Among the top 5 are: Abraham Lincoln, Lyndon Johnson, Bill Clinton, Franklin Roosevelt and Thomas Jeffrson.

The man is high but lower in dwarf was in high school when money is equivalent to the low man short.

These persons are often smarter. We know this thanks to several long at all ages studied. The intellectual difference is probably large enough to fully explain the relationship height / wages. According to their height at adolescence predicted better intellectual height in adulthood. Smart people usually higher than. If you are only 16 years old when 1.6 m high and 1.8 m high at 33, maybe you're not as smart as someone who has 1.8 m high in 16 years.

The advantage over the high-low

This study is related to the height of human success. But we should not be pessimistic when I was with medium or low height. If you have low body from a young age, you should take the time to exercise and sports science diet, reasonable to improve his height. It might also be useful and practical in the context of people are more interested in height, current form.

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