Ways to increase height

Athletes Ruxtam capital Akhometop just below average height. But by training, he was 187 cm high.
Factors affecting the height of circumstances (diet, exercise and sports).
Ways to increase height

Eat plenty of protein and calcium

Ways to increase height

There are 3 main stages help determine the height of the body: the fetal stage, the first 5 years and puberty. When pregnant mothers should eat diverse enough to ensure increased 10-12 kg in 9 months. Infants born if enough weight (3 kg), length 50 cm, the growth factor.

When the body is large, want to grow taller, not to abstain from eating food that have a lot of things, especially enough protein (found in lean meat, fish, eggs, dairy, nuts and legumes) and calcium (found in milk, fish bones unopened, shrimp, crabs, snails, vegetables). Milk is an ideal food for height because there are very easily absorbed calcium, rich in protein.
The Japanese dwarf low capital, but today due to high economic life, eat well, they have much higher up.

We have to many new high

Want to increase height, to create life from practicing eager teens. After 25 years, the only exercise helps the body healthy and robust, not high any more help.

 Akhometopda Ruxtam determination exercise to increase height, and lucky to be a well-known coach to help. How can Ruxtam internship called time and hard work with greater intensity, mostly movements to reach the long jump as high, long jump, swinging ... As a result, he has been growing a lot, to 187 cm, and become outstanding athletes.

The researchers said that the right training method for increasing the metabolism and blood circulation, increased secretion of growth hormone GH, increased bone mass. The high intensity collective 1.5-2 hours per day can increase GH to 3 times. In the episode the day, at night again saw increased GH.

The light workout in a short time, or set too long, too heavy nor promote height.

Getting enough sleep

Sleep is very important for the development of long bones in children occur at night. 90% bone growth takes place while sleeping or resting.

Taking height

That's preparations contain growth hormone GH, apply for low dwarf children lack this hormone, designated by the physician and monitored. The treatment achieved the best results when children 3-7 years old.

Surgery lasted legs

After the age of 25 years for women and 27 years for men, growth hormone, diet and exercise will not help increase the height again. If more eager high only last hope is the long leg bone surgery. This is the method by Russian professor Ilizarop initiated from half a century ago. Record -33 cm long bones

Medium to long leg 5-7 cm, the patient must take fixed frame of 10-12 months. After 1 week of hospitalization, the patient can go home, adjust the frame as instructed

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