Drugs height growth

On many sites, growth hormones and vitamins capable of promoting long bones are still those who do not have the height.
Drugs height growth

Many people think of GH as a functional food. In fact, the use of GH to normal height increasing demand remains controversial issues. According to several studies, the use of GH in normal people can help to increase from 3.5 to 7.5 cm.

However, this result is for individuals, countless drug users without any additional centimeters. GH at stimulating growth will not be selected because the drug to take effect ... misplaced. Many adults use medications bone ossification led to swelling in the extremities, the prominent cheekbones, her face disfigured.

Australia is faced with this situation for a long time in the health sector by accepting free drug users. Drug prices are expensive but their government funding should be used despite warnings drugs may increase intracranial pressure, causing headaches.

Endocrine Conference had made recommendations GH should not be used indiscriminately in the community.

With the lowest child of unknown cause, GH is only used when referring to image height for the child's family too stressful.

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So really what is GH? Normally the body, GH is a hormone the body lengthened and raised. Many people with congenital dwarf GH deficiency, treatment will not stop at a maximum height of 1.2 m for females, 1.3 m to the south, as a necessary supplement GH replacement therapy. But it has to adulthood GH can not push any more height.

In addition, GH is also indicated to increase height for girls with Turner syndrome, delays in fetal development that does not catch up to 4 years of the child is normal height, height retarded children in distress Chronic kidney ...

Recently, this indication was extended in Prader Willi syndrome child bearing. These diseases can be recognized from the early stages of life: before 2 years of age, the child expressed hypotonia body (while still in the womb, the main pedal, cry less neonatal period, the limp) , hypogonadism (small genitals, the boys adding hidden testis expression).

After 2 years, they are eating more, more obesity, diabetes prone, hands, small feet, narrow gap temples, small chin ... Prader Willi Syndrome GH supplementation requirements as soon as possible (before the age of 1 can).

In fact, 10-20% of children are malnourished fetal period is never equal to the growth of the normal child "

The height should be monitored starting from the neonatal period, but most of late detection. Most seek expert nutrition, diet change, food supplements result, their GH deficiency.

Many children 14-15 years old to the hospital examination, bone ossification of all, can not respond to medication, height does not improve anymore.

Height of children are affected by many factors such as heredity from parents, influenced by nutrition, child illness.

A significant impact is important for the development of a height that few people are interested in the environment. If space often live in poor light, vitamin D-deficient children, the height will be significantly limited.

The height of the baby is calculated in two ways:

* The first: height = final adult height at a young age 2 x 2

* The second way:

- The height of the boys at maturity = (father's height + mother's height + 13): 2

- Height of adulthood girls = (father's height + mother's height - 13): 2

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