Obesity and infertility in women

Obesity is a disease that can lead to infertility in women. Many women in the world in status: obesity. 
Obesity and infertility in women

1. Obesity causes menstrual disorders, ovulation, thereby leading to a situation difficult to conceive
Obesity often causes the phenomenon of menstrual disorders (irregular menstruation, too much or too little blood ...) and polycystic ovary syndrome, increased insulin resistance and other endocrine disorders. This extremely negative impact on the course of normal egg development and ovulation. Even when eggs shed your overweight can also make egg fertilization and implantation normally.

2. Obesity facilitate bacterial growth, reduced viability of eggs and embryos
Most studies confirm that obesity alter the composition of fat in the blood, increase the likelihood of infection in women, and reduce the viability of eggs and embryos.
The development of the egg directly affected by the environment inside the ovary. For the body has too much fat, surroundings nourish the developing eggs and egg nests environment there is a major change compared to the ordinary people, especially the amount of the male hormone metabolites and increased very high. That leads to the metabolic sensitivity of eggs, resulting in serious harm to the process of conception.
Not only that, embryo quality in women with obesity also less than normal. Fertilization and implantation in the uterus is very fragile and easy to be affected by metabolic changes, leading to many unusual symptoms of the disease of infertility.

3. Obesity makes technical meeting - treat infertility in women become less flexible
If you are in the process of infertility treatment under the direction and guidance of the specialist doctor that obesity plus, your body will certainly have many variables adverse effects to the treatment, is the hormonal changes related to your fertility. Accordingly, the phenomenon of "overweight" making excessive technical meeting - treat infertility in women become less flexible. If you do not find a viable solution, most likely will quickly turn into infertility infertility.

4. Obesity increases the obstetric events, leading to miscarriage for pregnant women
Besides stimulating effect increases obstetric events, including the risk of birth defects in the fetus, pre-eclampsia, stillbirth ..., the "development" of obesity is directly proportional with the possibility of miscarriage in pregnant women. In the opinion of most experts in the field of reproductive health, the rate of miscarriage of high-obese women may be due to poor embryo quality itself as above plus the unfavorable change of the lining of the uterus caused by obesity. All of which increase the risk of infertility in women.
So, to intervene before it's "too late"!
Of course, not any obese pregnant women are also infertile or sterile. There is the risk of infertility, infertility in people with obesity are higher than normal. So, before it is "too late", you need to carry out the intervention plan soon by:

- For those who are "raising" pregnancy intention: try to lose weight by the method of safe, effective as regular exercise, set the scientific nutrition, eat more fruits, vegetables green, use of drugs for obesity ...
- For those who are pregnant: interventions often focus on limiting weight gain, weight control during pregnancy in parallel with the addition of nutrients needed for your baby properly.

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