What to do when neck pain when turning right?


If you wake up feeling a pain in my neck and right ear 2-4 cm. You hurt when turned to the right, normally when not recording.

neck pain turning right

If you are like on them I think you have the situation painful neck spasm of muscle groups. 

This type of damage is expressed or seen in young people, the better, which occurs after an abrupt move your neck in the morning at the new sleep or noon after waking up, sleeping not properly or a high oil .

The pain caused by muscle spasms as crooked neck to the side, move rotate back hard, pressing into the neck will cause pain. X-rays of the neck shows normal.
neck pain turning right

Treatments include anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants, physical therapy, massage gently, gently stretch the muscles in the neck and progresses to the neck muscles. Sleep where low knee. Avoid causing crooked neck movements such as bending or excessive bending.

The pain may be re-back if neck movements incorrectly or is sleep posture pillow is too high or who head was ngoeo to side.

Should set of exercises in the morning. Correct sleeping posture is pillow small inventory neck and shoulders to help slightly high, slightly tilted to help open the airways and to promote normal physiological posture is bent leaned forward.

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