Obesity and infertility in men

Infertility in men may be due to many causes.Obesity is an important factor related to infertility in men.
Obesity and infertility in men

Diet not reasonable, activities, do not cause obesity. Obesity in men can affect the rate of male reproductive failure and the potential risk of male infertility.

No direct relationship between body mass index and blood testosterone levels, IBM means that if the index increases, the blood testosterone level is going down.
Blood testosterone levels decrease increases the risk of infertility in men.
Obesity and infertility in men

Of increased body mass index is closely related to the decrease in sperm density, reduce the incidence of sperm to move faster and increase the proportion of male infertility.
Obesity is one of the causes of reproductive failure.

 In obese men, the organization increased fat increases the activity of the enzyme aromatase and increase the relative concentration of estradiol, sex hormone inhibitor of the pituitary gland.

Obese people often reduced sperm count and increase the status of erectile dysfunction.

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