obesity may lead to infertility

Obesity can lead to type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, arthritis and some types of cancer, obesity is directly related to infertility in both men and women.
obesity may lead to infertility

Hormonal imbalance of the body making obesity a risk factor for infertility in both men and women. Ovarian dysfunction is a major factor leading to infertility in obese women. Abnormalities in the levels of hormones such as androgen, estrogen and progesterone can alter the menstrual cycle of women. These hormones are really necessary for conception and pregnancy. Fat accumulation in the ovaries also disrupted the development of the fetus and lead to miscarriage.

Polycystic ovary syndrome and obesity
obesity may lead to infertility

A major cause lead to infertility and reduced fertility in women is when a large number of small follicles appear in the ovary caused by hormone imbalance. "
Change the menstrual cycle and ovulation in women are the result of unhealthy weight gain and can have a negative impact on the reproductive system, leading to difficulty in conception. Eat a balanced diet, increasing the level of daily physical activity and regular exercise is important to maintain a healthy body weight.

While this weight loss interventions that work well for obese and overweight, fat patients (those with a body mass index> 37.5 kg/m2) is very difficult to lose weight just by the diet and exercise. Fat disease causes long-term changes in fat metabolism system so disease is considered a medical disorder requiring treatment by clinical weight loss surgery.

Produce less sperm and obesity

obesity may lead to infertility

 Produce less sperm and erectile dysfunction in men. Obesity is closely related to infertility in men. The fat cells produce estrogen and men more fat cells, increasing the number of circulating estrogen in the body compared to those with normal weight. The most common cause of infertility in men is the production of abnormal sperm.

Obesity is the core cause of a number of diseases. While genetic factors leading to obesity is usually caused by changes in lifestyle can play a key role in maintaining a healthy weight and improve a person's quality of life.

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