Insomnia: drug?


Insomnia to lack of neurotransmitters cause symptoms of sleeplessness. Make you feel tired.
Insomnia: drug?

You should solution Rooms Amitryptylin (against depressive state should make you sleep). On the other hand, amitryptylin function to inhibit the central nervous sedative.

 Thanks so your sleep will be better. Antidepressant effects usually appear after a few weeks late but sedative effects appear quickly (a few hours) when used for the first time. When the use of drugs to treat sleep disorders, doctors used to inhibit central nervous system, sedation is key.
Sulpirid heading sedatives. Sulpirid is intermediate between neuroleptic drugs (neuroleptic) and antidepressants (antidespesant).

Half-cycle of long amitryptylin should after dosing at night, am tired, less alert due to the inhibition of the central nervous of drug-induced sedation. In combat sleep disorders should use about 20 mg / day. Sulpirid will relieve inhibition, making patients less fatigue and alertness.

Use the new guidance effective
Generally, using one members amitryptylin (25mg) to night and 2 members sulpirid (with 10 mg) in the morning and afternoon. Amitryptylin appear sedative features pretty quickly so need to select the appropriate drink.
Insomnia: drug?

Should be taken as early as 7 to 8 pm, about 9-10 hours of night sleep and wake up at 5-6 am sober support body tired, if taken too late (new bedtime drink), morning often tired, not alert. Sulpirid used to reduce this side effect should be used right from the morning and afternoon, do not use the evening. Sulpirid only sedation and sober without causing drowsiness.

If not used as directed, efficiency is not good. After you create the habit, may not need to take it again but still does not have a sleep disorder.

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