How to use antipyretics


When the body's temperature rises above 37 ° C should be cool, but not to use antipyretics right since there are other cooling solutions. So, depending on the cause and severity of fever how to manage drug or no drug.
How to use antipyretics

There are many causes of fever in children and adults. When a child has a fever can be caused by respiratory infections, bronchitis, and pneumonia. Hot weather can make your child may have a fever. Most children and adults with fever is a bacterial infection. Fever infections have most respiratory tract infections such as inflammation of the nose, throat, ears. Some have the ability to cause diseases such as dengue fever, encephalitis, measles, typhus, chicken pox, hand-foot-mouth.

 Should wipe with warm water when a child has a fever.
When does the pill?
A fever is not the medication to heat depending on the severity.

Normally, when a slight fever should not be used to cool down soon which should warm compresses, ice or no ice to remedies for patients regardless of a child or adult. Remedies on the forehead, armpits, groin, where large blood vessels passing to heat faster.

Do not wear many clothes, and should be in a cool place. Should not be located in the air-conditioned rooms and fan the patient. Normal diet, best foods: porridge, soup.

With young children, children should eat more. Need to drink more water to compensate for water lost due to fever, prolonged high fever.

Common type of water is now solution oresol (ORS). For use in children is usually 5.63 g / packet. You for one ORS packet in 200ml water, stir it well and for children with dosage as follows: children under 24 drink 50ml / times, children: 2 - 3 times; children 2-10 years of age: 100ml / Date: 2 - 3 times; children over 10 years old, when your child is thirsty to drink, according to the child's needs. Adults: 5.63 g / packet mixed in 200ml of water and drink as needed. If no ORS, mixed solution of salt and sugar, or glucose.

When the body temperature does not decrease, especially children under 4 years of age to prevent children with seizures, so need to take the child to hospital.

You need to give the patient medication antipyretic (fever-reducing medicine): paracetamol. For older children: paracetamol doses as follows: less than 1 year old to drink 60mg / times; 1-3 years of age for drinking from 60 to 120mg / times; aged 3-6 years for drink 120mg/lan; 6 -12 age for oral 240mg / times. If not cooled, take the child to hospital

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