Some jokes


Cure sleepwalking
The patient asked the doctor: "Doctor cure sleepwalking?"

- He brought the boxes scattered around the bed.

- Oh What drugs?

- Nail 5 Part.

Some jokes

See doctors again?

The doctor asked the patient:

- The drug that I prescribe you effective?

- Oh, yes! Thank doctors run medical.

- Really effective?

- Yes, very good medicine doctors!

- So I have to take it a try. I also have pain just like you.

A doctor holding the baby from the delivery room, and told the baby's father is waiting at the door: "Congratulations to him, she gave birth to a cute baby girl, unless we cut the wrong positionplace his navel. "

In front of the pharmacy, the line long solid, patience inched up one step at a time. Suddenly one man appeared, singing customs, clothing stormed slanted inserted on the front, his mouth kept saying: "I'm sorry, for me, more than enough, the family is waiting." Everyone seemed to understand and reach out to him first. Arrived, he panted with her ​​sell drugs: "You please me double ... condoms" ...


A person admitted to hospital specializing in the treatment of constipation. Down to dinner, he asked the man next to the table
- Could you tell me where WC?
- No sir. I am new to treatment was 10 days ago.

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