Meteorite may have fallen in the United States, Cuba

USA, Cuba seems to have gone through similar events such as meteor showers in Russia, when the emergence of a strong light in the sky accompanied by loud explosion shook the windows and walls.
Meteorite may have fallen in the United States, Cuba

Fireball is thought to have emerged in Cuba after the emergence of a strong highlight on 15/2.

Website Cuban CubaSi night 15/2 posted a video of the national broadcaster said many residents at Rodas city in the central region confirmed there was an explosion, "economic natural place".

"We left the house to go fishing at about 17.00 on 12/2 and 20h00, we see a streak of light appeared in the sky, followed by a ball of fire appeared. Sphere is larger than the Sun ", a local resident described.

Cuban authorities said were efforts to find traces of the "meteorite" may have fallen into the water.

Many in the U.S. state of California also saw an unusual light on the San Francisco Bay area, causing many people to panic and shivered. This light appeared just hours after the meteorite explosion in Russia and for an asteroid with a diameter of 45m fly relatively close to Earth.

Member of American studies meteorites in New York, he Mike Hankey, said it had received reports about meteor showers discrete or meteor in the sky north of California. The above also recorded at least 35 reports of the incident.

According to calculations and statistics of the astronomer, the average annual volume small meteorites fall to Earth from 5-10 times. However, the possibility of large meteorites on a large scale explosion injuring nearly 1,200 people in Russia are rare recently.

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