As abdominal obesity, as prone to diabetes


People with bigger waists, the more prone to type 2 diabetes. Science has evaluated the association between waist circumference, body mass index BMI and diabetes type 2.

As abdominal obesity, as prone to diabetes

Doctoral at the Institute of Metabolic Science Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge, said: waist circumference and BMI are associated with risk of diabetes, but waist circumference is a more significant risk factor in both men and women.

The study results were published online in the journal PLoS Medicine suggests measuring waist circumference in overweight people can be an effective measure prevention of diabetes as it helps to identify those at high risk and have can benefit from the advice on lifestyle changes.
Research shows an association between waist to and risk of obesity but has not proven a causal relationship between two objects.

The researchers noted that about 1/3 of Americans and Britons are overweight.

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