8 parts of the body as bad as healthy

Do not worry by the bad points on your body. Recent studies by scientists have proven 8 parts as bad as well.

Nails short-run fast
8 parts of the body as bad as healthy

Britain's latest study pointed out, in the course of human evolution, people have short toes as fast even with long toes, muscles and bones, so be as exhausted.

3 large - good heart

Many studies showed that the risk of hardening of the blood vessels in the round 3 large lower bad cholesterol by little, good cholesterol high.

Research of the University of Oxford (UK) also found, the risk of diabetes of those large round 3 is also very low.

Many mole-old slow

Many moles affect the aesthetics and increase the risk of skin cancer, but in return, considering the little mole, the more moles 6-7 years younger than the actual age, and the risk of heart disease , osteoporosis and other diseases of aging are quite low.

Round 1 small spine as straight

Turkish studies expert found, the next larger one, especially those who wear a size D breasts and older more likely to appear curved back pain and scoliosis, who have small breasts are not the same.

Nose - not vulnerable

Research at the University of Iow: Nose to the risk of inhaling pollutants, dust decreases less, resistant to bacteria as well as strong, so the nose to little cold or flu infection.

Thigh to-heart good

A study in Denmark's 12 years involved 3,000 men showed that people with healthy feet, thigh circumference more than 60 cm, the risk of heart disease and early death is quite low.

Ears - not easy hearing loss

Biology expert, Dr. Ralph Holm said, the next bigger the ears of the people, sound headphones as well as clear, detailed, so little ears when hearing loss due to aging.
8 parts of the body as bad as healthy

By foot-feet less injured

My latest research findings, the foot with the risk of injury, people with foot concave risk injured leg six times higher than the feet.
By foot-feet less injured

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