Diet for gout


We know the recurrence of gout is closely related to diet.Tet is an occasion full of nutritious food, if not diet, gout is easy to relapse.
Diet for gout

Do not eat food purine

One study showed that groups tolerated much meat on the body compared to at least the level of uric acid in the blood of up to 0.48 mg / dl. The most seafood tolerated compared with a group of at least 0.16 mg / dl.

Can drinking wine

Alcohol and uric acid in the blood are closely related to each other. Con to promote the production of uric acid and prevent renal excretion of this acid, the main reason of uric acid in the blood increases.

In beer contain Guanine, type of purine is very easily absorbed, this explains why drinking have a significant effect on uric acid in the blood.

Meanwhile, the rich wine antioxidant, helps dilate blood, against condensation of uric acid in the blood.

Coffee is not harmful

Research shows that every day drink 4-5 cups of coffee specialties, uric acid decreased 0.26 mg / dl. Drink more than six cups a day, blood uric acid decreased 0.43 mg / dl.

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