5 misconceptions about cholesterol


There are many wrong thinking about cholesterol and heart disease that we still common. Here are 5 common mistakes in everyone's diet.
5 misconceptions about cholesterol

High HDL cardioprotective

The HDL (good cholesterol) did not directly help fight heart disease. This new information could change our thinking about cholesterol HDL (good) and LDL (bad) and cardiovascular health while most agree that if LDL cholesterol increases the risk of heart disease, and HDL high will have a healthy heart.

People with high HDL cholesterol ratio however was suffering from the symptoms of heart disease (not hereditary genes). The researchers found that the group with high HDL ratio is still a significant incidence of heart disease. However, this does not mean HDL cholesterol is bad. Have healthy habits such as exercise, sports, and eating enough fiber, monounsaturated fat increases HDL and reduces the risk of heart disease for us.


Do not eat shrimp (or high cholesterol) if high cholesterol

5 misconceptions about cholesterolNormally if the patient has high cholesterol will have appropriate diet and avoid foods high in cholesterol. Not necessarily so. We need to know the saturated fat has a significant impact on the increase or decrease in the rate of cholesterol. Therefore the diet of foods high cholesterol is not true science. add eggs, shrimp and other foods with average cholesterol is a healthy nutritious diet.

Fried potatoes contain cholesterol

5 misconceptions about cholesterolChips with fruits, vegetables and whole grains do not contain cholesterol. However, make sure to carefully check the saturated fat in the nutrition panel on a bag of potatoes because it is often produced more cholesterol. Potato pieces as well as foods that are high in calories.

Baked oatmeal cereal - the best cholesterol lowering foods

5 common misconceptions about cholesterolThe fact that this oat grains have some soluble fiber reduces cholesterol, but you can absorb a higher content of foods such as oatmeal, bananas, pears, beans and plant citrus. If you intend to enjoy the grains, it is necessary to ensure adequate levels of fiber in the morning with fruit.

Want to lower your cholesterol, eat more soy
 5 misconceptions about cholesterolResearch indicates that soy protein significantly affected. Real benefit may be related to the use of soy as a food substitute for foods high in saturated fat. Some studies indicate that if you want to lower your cholesterol, not only food supplement rich in soy protein that should ensure fiber, plant sterols and nuts such as almonds.

Note: Need to lower LDL cholesterol and raise HDL cholesterol by: sports exercise, eating monounsaturated fats (such as olive, canola and avocado) instead of saturated fat and trans fat; add soluble fiber.

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