What Kind of Doctor do you Want ?


Today, a simple summary of the thoughts I had 
while in the glorious Faculty of Medicine. When I’m asked why I entered Medicine, I’m  give a pretty conventional answer: Money, family , etc, ....and i like it. I’ve grown to pay attention to and admire human relations, and what affects them positively and negatively
What Kind of Doctor do you Want

I sigh The real reason was that I wanted to help people, save lives and all the other reasons everyone uses. How his word was sacred and followed bar none. I dreamt of once having that relationship with one, two, many of my patients. I wanted to help people, save lives and all the other reasons everyone uses. I hoped I my wish will grow today. To me, one of the most vulnerable relationships is that of a doctor and a patient. But it is too often abused, or at least, the people I sit with would report.

There is still hope, as well as negatives that I’d like to throw by you:

Among many of the students today I hear “cute” stories to say the least about experiences with patients. I enjoy them, and make sure I amend them right away, and let the story teller know what a great thing he’s done. I see house officers and residents sometimes that are loyal, honest. Even within our curriculum and teaching, we’ve had many initiatives to move our educational system towards that side of the spectrum. Sure, we can’t expect change overnight, and it is a very slow change, but it is the notion that counts, and I’m pretty thankful for it.

I can summarize it by saying that I often look at old consultants and stare and wonder: Wasn’t he a student? Didn’t he have the same ambitions and thoughts we do today? And I’m always scared to know that answer. You know why? Because believe it or not, the answer being “yes” is even worse than a no. Which would mean, sadly, we would face the same situation. The only difference is I intend to stay positive and pull myself/you through it. Other situations that get under my skin are students’ attitudes toward their studies, and the way they carry themselves in general sometimes worries me.
So whether it’s a positive or negative experience you go through, keep your eye on the prize, and do me a favor and keep this in mind. And as scary as it may sound, imagine that person treating your loved ones.

Better yet, imagine you being able to influence those who will be responsible for your loved ones lives….

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