Monks also ...obesity

The team took the medical data of 246 monks at the temples in 11 provinces in Thailand.Results showed that percentage of obesity and lifestyle-related diseases in the world very high monks.
Monks also ...obesity

According to scientists, the reason obesity is "attacked" the monks because they do not exercise while using oily foods and sugar by the Buddhist gifts.

The monks often receive food alms in the morning and only one or two meals a day, from morning to noon. Evening they drink fresh water - a habit is not good for health.

The survey also showed that only 21% of monks in Thailand have health checks and periodic physician examinations.

The Thai health authorities are planning to implement nutrition education programs for gender and guiding Buddhist monks should be offered healthy foods.
The doctor give some advise: 
Stress reduction based awareness (MBSR) is effective in improving the health status and reduce the level of depression in patients with type 2 diabetes,

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