The serious complications of diabetes


The most terrible consequences in patients with diabetes encounter:

- Peripheral nerve injury is the most common complication in patients with diabetes, in which the expression in the leg is more serious: dry skin, chapped, vacuum bottles, sores, swelling and treatment from ... peripheral nerve injury may lead to infection, gangrene, causing ulcers and may require amputation to preserve life.
The serious complications of diabetes

- Eye problems such as loss of vision, cataract, night blindness, blindness ... as well as common complications. By high blood glucose in the blood vessels, small blood vessels in the retina is blocked, eye damage and retinopathy.

- Elderly people with diabetes often have high risk of cardiovascular disease, cholesterol and stroke, it is likely to cause death.

- In addition, long-term diabetes often suffer from complications due to high blood sugar gums prone to tooth decay, bad breath, affect the lives and daily activities of the patient.

- Patients with diabetes are prone to infection and can become infected in case any parts such as: teeth, gums, skin infections cause pimples, fungus, infection urinary bladder, kidney ... and a popular serious consequences in patients with diabetes is to remove the joint expenses

If the patient drinks alcohol, beer, cigarettes, the higher the risk for complications. Patients with diabetes should be eating, daily exercise, and medication

This is some advise from doctor: 
There is a natural foods can help patients with diabetes to solve the problems of the disease is Sun Algae Spirulina. The highest nutrient content in algae sun is vegetable protein (70%), easy to digest, absorb, contains absolutely no the bad cholestron will help people reduce the feeling ravenous eating reduce the amount of fine flour and fat in diet ngay.Cac vitamins A, K, B group and minerals needed to help provide nutrients lacking for patients in the diet, not fat and starch - two nutrients that people with diabetes should be limited. vitamin A, zeaxanthin \ help eyesight and reduce eye complications for patients. In addition, the concentration of GLA (omega 6), vitamin K and high levels of antioxidants such as phycocyanin, chlorophyll, betacarotene ... to help twine with diabetes

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