Zinc & Ways To grow taller for kids

Children will be taller than the zinc-sufficient diet. Zinc is important for the stature and human health. Zinc is a trace element essential for the development of the body, especially the development of height.
Zinc & Ways To grow taller for kids

Zinc deficiency, children will be stunted due to bone development and hypogonadism. like to introduce you to read the article about an aspect of science to improve the stature of the race.

How to children taller than

Zinc is important for the stature and human health
The total amount of zinc in the body at about 2.5 g zinc, 90% of intracellular zinc, of which 30% and 60% in the bone. Relatively high concentrations of zinc in organs: eyes, prostate, kidney, liver, pancreas and hair. Body fluids containing only small amounts of zinc in the blood 0,9mg / liter. In adults, zinc levels in the body is 20 mg / kg body weight. During the body is growing and developing in adolescence, zinc increased 1.5 times. Then if zinc deficiency, the body retardation, children do not grow up to be. In pregnant women, zinc is mobilized from the mother to the fetus, the concentration of zinc in the blood of pregnant women can be reduced to 50%.

Foods rich in zinc
The study showed that zinc affects more than 200 enzymes (enzymes) of the body, including enzymes play an important role in the process of protein synthesis, it has a huge impact to the growth and development of the body. Zinc is the role: Air nucleic acid metabolism, affect cell growth and scar formation. Regulate the metabolism of hormones such as insulin, Gustin, neurodevelopmental nature. Regulate blood cells. Regulate the activity of the prostate to zinc deficiency, children with hypogonadism, infertility adults. Zinc helps our eyes look more refined, so the lack of zinc, looking worse. Zinc affects the central nervous, people usually comatose zinc deficiency. Zinc has a significant impact on growth hormone (GH), sex hormone testosterone ... The effect of zinc on growth in height with a very complex mechanism: through enzymes and hormones, restore consumer slowdown energy, energy saving, restoring and enhancing digestive function, immune function, reduce the risk of infection, restore and stabilize sleep in children ... Zinc accumulation in the liver. Air liver zinc in the body, zinc mobilize participation mechanisms to protect the body against stress, heat, cold, tired ...

How to detect body zinc deficiency
A normal healthy person, while zinc deficiency, there will be signs of constipation, diarrhea normal days, constipation or sometimes several days to go outside once, dry stools, lumps, very difficult to go outside; skin lesions, slow healing of the wounded, hair loss; visual disturbances, look bad; weakened immune system, or infections such as boils, cough, bronchitis, ear, nose and throat; development of tumors; neuropsychiatric disorders. In pregnant women, zinc deficiency will cause morning sickness symptoms such as anorexia, nausea, vomiting, insomnia ... leading to a shortage of energy supply for developing fetuses, babies born underweight and easy premature; mother's milk shortage. If severe, the child is malnourished, dwarf, slow puberty, hypogonadism and delayed psychomotor development.

Research by Dr Neil Ward et al showed that women with lower levels of zinc, the weight at birth of the lower and smaller head circumference. Other researchers said small head circumference at birth is related to the development of the entire central nervous system and brain DNA, consequently may lead to the function of the central nervous system impairment defects and mental retardation. Because the immune system development in the fetal stage to zinc deficiency in pregnant women will lead to a decline in immune function in children.

tall kids want to "eat" enough zinc

Zinc & Ways To grow taller for kids

Zinc needs change with age and physiological state: Children 1-9 years old need 10 mg per day; children 10-12 years of age is 10-15 mg; older children and adults is 15 mg; pregnant women is 20 mg; breastfeeding mothers is 25mg. Zinc concentrations in maternal colostrum very high birth 20mg / liter. Breast milk contains more zinc least beyond milk, soy milk and formula milk. On the other hand zinc in breast milk is better absorption and bioavailability of zinc higher than in cow's milk. The disease: inflammation of the stomach, bowel, diverticulitis, cirrhosis also reduces the absorption of zinc.

According to nutrition experts, want full complement zinc body is to eat foods rich in zinc such as oysters, clams, oysters, lean red meat (pork, beef), whole grains and legumes. The mothers should breastfeed for 24 months so I have enough zinc to develop the body. Can enhance foods with zinc and zinc supplements, especially milk handy. In addition, to increase the absorption of zinc often fortified with vitamin C. Pregnant women should eat full meals and a variety of foods, especially foods of animal origin. Infants weighing less than 2.5 kg of zinc supplementation to 2 months after birth. When a child shows signs of zinc deficiency, you should take her to a specialist for examination and timely treatment.

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