Should Humans Eat Meat?

Not all my life it was a case and we really needed to prepare myself mentally ready for it. On the other hand the process was not that difficult. we do not eat meat since January previous year. we have such a Feeling there is inner light and lightness within us.

Should Humans Eat Meat?

About half of vegetarians originally gave up meat for ethical reasons.  Pictures of confined animals standing on concrete in their own excrement and the stench of factory farms on country roads from 5 miles away is no doubt plenty of reason to turn away from meat.   Some former vegetarians, however, have recognized and embraced the grassfed movement back to sustainable and humanely raised, cruelty free meats as a real ethical alternative.
Many people think we were Born to be meat eaters. Peoples suppose to be Plant Eaters. So some of the 'indicators' in our body Proves it is a Case.

- In saliva of animals there is one component which starts Digesting meat in the Mouth - that one our saliva Absent.

- The length of digestive tract. The Length of colon of Adult is 10-12 meters, though animals have it like 1.5-2 meters. In order for Meat Not to Poison the body, it need be out of system bowel as Quick as Possible. To go through 10-12 meters of it seems a Bit LONG way regarding us.

- Peoples have herbivore teeth animals, which are 'designed' to be meat eaters, have Carnivore Teeth. Plus they have a very developed Eye and stomach teeth

Plus taking into account that nowadays there a Very Limited amounts of 'healthy' meats on shop shelves and the main part is Overloaded with growth and/or 'more milk producing' hormones and antibiotics and animals fed Not Healthy diet. It just makes the Whole process Easier of not eating meat at all. I do Not consume milk products at all, but I eat at times eggs and a bit of fish. Milk helps people grow and build muscle.

I am NOT aiming to Force you to give it up for good. EAT IT if you feel like doing so. I just want to give you the views of two sided coin. I do not eat meat since January previous year. Feel GOOD. I have such a Feeling there is INNER Light and LIGHTNESS within me.

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