How does sleep help kids look its best height


There are secrets surrounding infant sleep that you may not know.
If kids bedtime routine maintenance later is synonymous with the growth hormone secreted fewer kids will be kids and height retardation. So sleep on time is the best for your child's growth?
How does sleep help kids look its best height

1. Breast sucking while sleeping

Many mothers have a habit of latching on to her son when she went to bed. Doctors recommend is harmful to the health of the baby. When children sleep while sucking her breasts very easily lead to the breath every time she would always accidentally suck the milk interferes with digestion. Children will have trouble sleeping, cranky, and even asphyxiation.

Besides, breast sucking during sleep can also affect the normal development of teeth and gums.

2. Babies bring frighten

When threatened, the child's nervous system is stimulated strong. Children will not be able to sleep or deep sleep and sometimes nightmares, sleep or startle and good quality sleep.
3. For children sleep late

Some families made a habit of sleeping late and this sometimes habits affect children. However, the parents often do not know that a child's growth hormone secretion most from about 22 to 24 hours at night. Therefore, if they maintain the habit of going to bed late means that the child's growth hormone secretion and fewer children will be retarded height ...

To help children develop a comprehensive, adult children need routine maintenance to go to bed early and get enough sleep. This is the most important

4. For sleep in swing states

Every time the children crying during sleep, young adult picks up, rocking the child is in a crib or to flicker. This would make the children sleep good but it is potentially dangerous. Brain development in infants is not comprehensive, so when adults hold and shake frequently thus can lead to bleeding in the brain, in severe cases can cause paralysis of limbs, even mortality.

5. Children prone sleeping
How does sleep help kids look its best height

Children sleeping posture plays a very important role, affecting the child's development in the future. For children prone sleep makes children prone to choking, children can die when sleeping in the prone position. Therefore, when to sleep for young, young adults need to lie straight and ensure that the child's nose and mouth without any other obstacles.

6. Sleeping with baby

Sleeping with children will lead lead to psychological dependency in young children. Moreover, when adults sleep in the same bed with children that young would be difficult to breathe fresh air.

7. Leave lights on when asleep

Leave lights on when sleep will limit growth hormone in children.

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