Helps baby develop height

In young stages can increase height, should have a reasonable diet. Energy supply must be in accordance with your age, not so easy to balance because of the obesity epidemic, nor too little so easily lead to malnutrition.

Helps baby develop height

 Children's meals are always full to 4 groups: protein - powder - fat - vegetable. Protein should account for 10-15% of total energy in general, accounting for 60-65% starch and 10% fat. Should not feeding varied diet, eating no bias.

Vitamins and minerals are also very important role in developing a child's height. Calcium is found in milk, crabs, snails, shrimp, shrimp, soy and vegetables. In particular, milk is the most important. Calcium in milk is easily absorbed by vitamin D and phosphorus with reasonable rate. In addition, milk also provides vitamins, minerals and protein sources with high biological value, containing all the essential amino acids.
For better calcium absorption, skin exposure to direct sunlight to synthesize vitamin D. So your child should spend 20 minutes each day sunbathing.

Helps baby develop height

Vitamin A helps prevent dry eyes recently, increasing resistance to infection, and contribute in the development of height. The vitamin A-rich foods include milk, eggs, fish, liver, meat ...

Iron, zinc also plays an important role in the development of height. Iron is found in animal foods such as liver, blood, meat, fish ... and beans, spinach. Zinc is found in oysters, liver, pork, beef, milk, egg yolk, soy milk ...

In addition to reasonable diet, to encourage children to have an active lifestyle, sports exercise regularly. Get enough sleep, deep sleep as well as growth hormone secretion much longer stimulates bone.

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