6 methods to increase height

6 methods to increase height

In adulthood very difficult to increase height, but the following may help you improve that part of his height.

Recipes 1: stretching joints
6 methods to increase height

Achieved by: improving bicycle saddle up to the right level, bike 90 minutes every day.

2 recipes: wearing leg weights (purchased at sports stores)

Made by: long legs wearing 01 kg each, lying in bed or on the table legs hanging down to the ground. Wearing a long leg weights ankle joints.

3 recipes: single beam set

Made by: single day drag bar 3 times, 5 minutes each time. Me column rubber band on your wrist sore hands lest Gil.

4 recipes: 1 hour swim
6 methods to increase height

Done by persevering to the pool every day. When joints are stretched up and continuity, it will push your height increase.

5 recipes: eat

Implementation by: Mam substances that contain more collagen as cow tendons to increase the epiphyseal cartilage. Also loaded many clams, oysters, snails, mussels, sea fish will be additional calcium, magnesium, zinc - the best material forming bone.

6 recipes: sleep

Implementation by: nightly to sleep at least 8 hours. At night the new growth hormone stimulates cartilage operation and the bones of the long bones.

Note: not recommended eat sweets in the evening, because sugar increases insulin secretion. High Insulin inhibits growth hormone activity.

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