Food helps increase height: Help Growing Up 100%

The height of the dependent factors: Nutrition 32%, 23% genetic, 20% exercise, sleep, environment, ...
Also eat balanced diet, get enough sleep, exercise, you need to add the necessary nutrients to support the development of height. Products to Help Growing Up 100% ingredients derived from nature
Food helps increase height

Food helps increase height: Functional Foods Help Growing Up 100%
USES: Calcium supplementation and nutrition Nano height development.
Target users: Youth of all ages are great.
Origin: Bigem R & D Foods Co., Ltd.. - Taiwan.
Note: The product is not a medicine, not alternative medicine.

Food helps increase height

• Nutrition: When the body is large, want to grow taller, not to abstain from eating food that have a lot of things, especially enough protein (found in lean meat, fish, eggs, dairy, grains they beans) and calcium (found in the canned fish bones, shrimp, crabs, snails, milk, green vegetables).

• Sleep: It is important for the development of long bones takes place at night. Recently, U.S. scientists put a sensor on the lamb leg and found 90% of bone growth takes place while sleeping or resting. Growth hormone (Growth Hormone - GH) secretion lot of time from 11h00 to 01h00.
Food helps increase height

• Advocacy: The researchers said that the right training method for increasing the metabolism and blood circulation, increased secretion of growth hormone (GH), increased bone mass. The high intensity collective 1.5-2 hours per day can increase GH to 3 times. In the episode the day, at night again saw increased GH.

The light workout in a short time (such as morning exercise, take a walk) or set too long, too heavy nor promote height.

Vitamin D: It plays a very important role in the metabolism of calcium, which helps bone development. Vitamin D is very low in the food source of vitamin D is mainly synthesized by the body when our skin is exposed to sunlight (nearly 80%). So to have the body of vitamin D necessary, you should always exercise outdoors. Time exposure to sunlight preferably before 0900.

• The benefit sport development height: Swimming, basketball, volleyball, badminton, bar set, high jump, long jump, swinging, jumping rope, soccer, jogging, ...

• The athletes, the sport is not conducive to development height: Take, take, or gong, carrying heavy objects for long periods, marathon running, strenuous exercise, lifting weights, ...

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