5 exercises to increase height most effective


This is a simple exercise (you can do at home), but extremely effective. All you need is a hard bar, solid strong enough to withstand your body weight, the height of the bar at least 1m8 - 2m to the distance between the foot to the floor at least 10 - 15cm.

5 exercises to increase height most effective

What can be done anywhere in the house ...

1. Assignments are as follows: To your arms close nor too far apart, moderate to always feel comfortable, then ... let's finish the swing on! Hold "Big Hang" or far enough so as you can not take it anymore, then leave. When starting off, slowly lower the floor, remember that toes touch the ground with gentle whiff to avoid injury. This exercise stimulates stretch your spine, significantly lengthening it! When far enough to remember the stress and hard work out okay practice 3 times / week to achieve optimal results.

You must remember the tension, especially when the spine is okay exercise.

2. "Cobra"
Here is a simple Yoga exercises help you extend the spine and increase flexibility, flexible body, to the joint cartilage between your vertebrae development, increase your height.

Assignments are as follows: Lying face down on the floor, placing his palm and lower arm to the shoulder. Start lifting up your spine by bending over, lifting her chin high, as high as possible. Perform exercises repeated 3-4 times in succession with each execution time from 5-30 seconds.
5 exercises to increase height most effective

The same episode also stayed with friends right?

3. Bending backwards
5 exercises to increase height most effective

This is a great exercise, but extremely attractive to stretch the spine and make you long back. However, not only the spine but the spine is also prolonged stimulation, suitable for girls dreamed neck, "three thousand".

Assignments are as follows: Lie on your back, place your arms parallel to your body, palms facing down. At the same time put his legs to bend and stretch them over your head backwards, trying to touch both feet to the floor. There can not be many feet can touch the floor immediately, but rest assured, if positive and practice hard, you will do fine. And, when you do this, your body has been stretched, the more your spine is stimulated elongation out there!

4. Pull out the front spine
5 exercises to increase height most effective

Sit upright on the floor, legs extended V-shaped Two hands shoulder-width, parallel to the front raise. Then, you just leaned forward and try our best to hands touching his toes. If you can touch my toes, even those you can reach out further, then it is your spine is bent at a maximum height stimulate development "dangerous "works!

Perform exercises 3-4 times in a row with each stretch for 10-15 seconds.

Step 1.
5 exercises to increase height most effective

Step 2.
5 exercises to increase height most effective

5. Tap with leg weights

This exercise is simply to stretch your lower body, or in other words, long legs. By stimulating cartilage in the knee extended by increasing the volume of the ankle, resulting in a long legs will help you improve your height as well as the perfect physique.

5 exercises to increase height most effective

Assignments are as follows: Sitting on a high stool and tie weights to your ankles (as shown). You have to start with small weights and gradually increased only in the time after practice. Please always remember to stretch your legs with weights weight. After completing the exercises, weights and remove the front legs kicking gently from 5-10 times, then 5-10 times followed by stronger rock. Only exercise 3 times / week will bring significant efficiencies to you unexpectedly.

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