What should you do to lose 10 pounds in 4 days


1. Drink plenty of water ...
What should you do to lose 10 pounds in 4 days

you drink plenty of water, you will lose water more

You need to drink water: If you do not drink enough water is bad for health and it dehydrated.
If you drink a lot of water ... Your body will eliminate the excess water in your body
Drinking water will really help you get a flatter stomach and help you lose weight
2. Not eating much salt / sodium by 500 mg / day, not eating on 1500mg

You are not eating too much salt: your body will retain water.
I will show you how you can flush out excess salt and water:

Method 1. Gym to make you sweat.
What should you do to lose 10 pounds in 4 days

Bring warm clothes to make you sweat more. And you can get exercise to remove excess salt / sodium
A 2. You can take it out. Did you drink plenty of water to flush out excess sodium and water.
3. You have to limit the number of carbs (carbohydrates)

You can lose 3-5 lbs. 2 days by eating less carbs

Follow Plan To Lose 10 pounds in 4 days

1. Eat foods low in salt / sodium

You are only eating 500 mg of salt a day = two small teaspoon. You can eat garlic, onions, ginger and black pepper instead of salt

You should exercise, sports or sauna to help you flush out excess sodium and water.

2. Drink plenty of water

You should drink 3 liters of water per day. CAUTION: Do not drink your water at the same time and trying to drink your water spread throughout the day
Enter your weight, and press the
You need to drink ounces of water per day 2-to-3 days to flush out 5 pounds of water

3.An foods high in protein and low in carbs

You should eat fruits and vegetables ... Everything else you should eat high protein / low carbohydrates - View a list of high protein foods good for weight loss.
The amount of water you lose weight in 2 days depending on how much salt, carbs, and water you can lose 10 pounds in 4 days

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