These habits can lead to obesity

These bad habits can lead to obesity and health harm.Eating habits in the following are ways to prevent obesity, and keep yourself have a nice body.

These habits can lead to obesity

Every day, so busy, sometimes we do not care and attention to their eating habits, to see if his food science or not? good? And sometimes we also believe that we are good eating habits and weight loss.In eating habits can cause obesity 1Here are some eating habits can cause obesity:

1. No breakfastMany people think that fasting will reduce fat, or sometimes we are too busy, no time to eat breakfast, and include breakfast for lunch one. In fact, on the other hand, fasting morning, will stimulate the body additional energy on other occasions, such as lunch or dinner more, or more ... to offset the power shortage, the result to unwanted weight gain.

Fasting morning was not good for the stomach and reduced life expectancy.

2. Nocturnal dawn May be due to work or study late at night, hard as we were hungry and had to eat something light at near. The scientists pointed out that high levels of insulin in the blood is usually at dawn. Acting insulin glucose, and fatty strengthen blood vessel walls.
When we eat the night at dawn, at the right time high insulin levels in the blood will cause the blood sugar is converted into fat. If long maintain this habit, the more fat will definitely happen.

3. Drinking too much coffeeMany people think that drinking coffee have a feeling of fullness, and therefore do not need to eat again, this will reduce fat.

But reality is not entirely true. If you drink too much coffee, caffeine in coffee will affect the activity of the heart (increased heart rate) and increased levels of cholesterol in blood vessels, leading to vulnerable because fat and cardiovascular disease. Also, drinking too much coffee to lose sleep and affect performance.

4. Juice instead of eatingLife is growing, juice products, vitamins sold in supermarkets, is easy to use, this will lead to the abuse of women. Many women believe that drinking fruit juice instead of "rice" better medium supplemented with vitamins, healthy skin, but also slimming. But experts said that this is a nutritional eating habits cause obesity.Although the effect of vitamin is good for health, but lack other essential nutrients such as protein. The only fruit drink that fast food will do a nutritional imbalance, leading to metabolic disorders, and can cause obesity.

5. Lunch too fastMany of us due to workaholic, or a short lunch time ... so try to eat lunch quickly. This fact is very harmful for health and also cause obesity. As we usually do not chew fast food, the stomach has to work, in the long run will lead to stomach pain. In addition, short time chewing the taste nerve is still in a state of euphoria, lasted so will affect the taste.

6. Eating fast foodDue to the convenient, quick, and also started matcua of his fast and also because we are so busy, so fast food options to save time. But the abuse of fast food is the cause of common obesity in the city development today. Because nutrient content, and the amount of fat in fast food is usually very high, eating fast food regularly will make surplus energy, increased fat and obese will happen.To have a beautiful body, healthy weight control is needed, thereby eliminating the bad habits of eating above, is how to prevent overweight and obesity, and keep yourself have a nice body .

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