Obese at age are large, in both growth and fat cells meristem or later adulthood by the large bulge cells mo.Ban need mindful eating, physical activity and preserve life healthy living. Obesity is a disease implicated to nutritional disorders. A person is considered obese when weight over ideal weight by 20%.

World Health agency has placed a Body mass index (Body Mass Index-BMI), to determine this condition.

According to the International Obesity Task Force, if BMI from 18.5 to 24.9 is Normal; 25 to 29.9 is weight gain; over 30 is obese, over 40 is very obese.

Keep in mind that BMI does not measure body composition such as bones, meat, fat for the same BMI can have different components.

Some scientists suggest that the weight calculations are as follows:

You can measure your waist / hips: waist tape measure in situ and the umbilical level (eg 28 inc) and the biggest hips in place (eg 38 inc), we have the ratio is 0.68. If the ratio of 0.95 in men, 0.8 in women is you can wear several diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cerebral vascular accident.

According to statistics, obesity is common in women than men. The general opinion has said that women will be more beautiful, attractive, happier if there was a slim, water willow.

It's worth noting that poor woman or obese than women of affluence that wealthier men prone to poor body fat than men. As for the abandoned children, destitute erratic eating nutrient deficiency in calories to fatness.

Women on average have 20% fat 10% fat is necessary (essential fats) while men only from 12 to 15% fat from 4 - 7% fat needed.

For women, fat is the source of energy for the nutritional needs of the fetus and child. Also in the south, where belly fat is converted into fatty acids into the bloodstream very quickly and raise the risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure.

In the body, fats are necessary and need to moderate.

It is important how fat wrap cover or heart, lung, bone marrow structure, membrane wrapped nerves, carry cholesterol in the blood. Moderate fat is usually located under the skin, between the muscles and internal organs.

 Obesity may be due to both enlarged fat cells reproduce rapidly at an early age or just growing too fat cells were available in older age.

  When we are physically active, reduce eating or illness hungry, fat cells get smaller, but the number is not reduced. Fat cells smaller is always waiting for an opportunity to to come back when we eat a lot of fat. So to avoid fat, not just lose fat and want to eat what they eat but have to watch the number of calories from other foods.

  Normal people are not too fat or too skinny, because the body has a mechanism to regulate weight. This mechanism of action is mediated by the nervous system with chemicals such as dopamine, norepinephrine.

Sharks also have many distinct beauty.

A few centuries ago, whose plump body plump, plump, it is considered to be very sexy. Paintings of famous beauties Michelango, Leonard de Vinci have complete round ass, thighs legal mechanical. Furthermore, fatty meat and fatty skin is considered as the symbol of a well-off strata, Elites, kindly, good health of a person with no disease.

Fat and discrimination. But society can sometimes look different from the fatty fat. Sometimes they were discriminated against and subject to the I Rieu fun. In America, there's a song "Too fat Polks" I do not want her, you can have her, she's too fat for me ".

Many employers do not want loan staff overweight, think they are not diligent fat or overweight can negatively affect work performance. In 1993, at the U.S. Equal Employment Commission has recognized this discrimination and suggest measures to resolve. At the same time, overweight people sit together, groups of organizations to defend themselves, demanding justice and civil rights. They require health officials have the appropriate means for the shark, as wide gown to wear when medical examination, blood pressure machine, large toilet seat before to obtain urine in patients test tubes, scales, fat people in a private room, seats spacious wait.

Meanwhile, many of the sign was self-esteem, which is less attractive, less sexy, do not wear small clothes, and also because of fat that do not have a boyfriend.

The risk of obesity.

There have been many theories to explain why this person that the other person is not fat despite eating nearly as well as why there are many difficulties in reducing Register and become obese.

1-Genetics: According to statistics, from 25% to 40% of people with high BMI is due to genetics and 30% to 60% is due to the environment. A reduced signed professional, George Bray suggestions "genetic environment loaded and pulled the trigger" in obesity.

Increase as genetic influence in families with parents of obese. When a shark or a parent, you have a 50% chance of sharks. That if both parents are obese, the risk of overweight increased to 80%.

2-A few years ago, the researchers said in a protein secreted by fat cells can burn fat. It is leptin or obgene substance, found in 1994. At that TIME Magazine has call lepsin a panacea can burn fat in a few weeks. But in person, so far no proven efficacy.

A chemical, Propiomelanocortin (POMC) also signal the mouse to not eat fat as needed, but the study did not find a similar effect with the human race.

Scientists also distinguish two types of fat cells: white fat and brown fat cells. Brown fat cell fat transfer heat energy instead of stored fat, and white fat cells, reverse, turn fat into body fat. They are studying brown fat cells to remove fat from the fat.

3.Mot medication increases up: psychiatric medication lithium, medication of Depakene room, Tegretol, corticosteroid hormones, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone; diabetes drug insulin.

4. Obesity is the result of imbalance between energy supply and demand: Eat a lot without the consumer movement. Elderly reduce movement, movies, TV all day long, continuous officials sitting in office ... have a tendency to gain weight.

5.Anh social psychology
6. This mechanism only works or is stimulated when the body needs food. Who also eat not because the body needs, but eating quiche retrieve entertaining.

7 Geography residents also have slightly affected. Domain is observed that people who live in cold usually sedentary and eat more fatty food hot South has a tropical climate so easy to gain weight.

9-Pregnant women usually gain weight but when breast-feeding, fell, after more barren. A girl eye look worn, old experience as well say it. Fat is a source of nutrients to the fetus and breast milk. But if after three chips birth, the body usually keep a little fat causes weight gain, grow, some will always.

Consequences of Obesity

Even moderate obesity will lead to the risk of early death

People with obesity are usually fatigue, shortness of breath, lack of vitality, bone aches. They are also prone to digestive diseases, heart disease, diabetes, cirrhosis, pneumonia, cholecystitis, varicose veins, high blood pressure, wound healing, poor resistance to pathogens, gout common infertility and many more unusual accidents

Obesity also increases the risk of breast cancer, uterine, online photography, colon, esophagus. Very high risk of breast cancer increases in women to sign the twenties and into menopause.

Method not obese
Experts agree that obesity is a disease with many different aspects should be long-term and comprehensive treatment. Please remember that there is no technical sense, a method to quickly for immediate reduction Register as many ads.

Many people who want to back up such an early age pupils and students. This is probably an illusion never done. Just remember that every week down 1 or 2 BMI units also has brought many benefits. Furthermore, the reduced character takes time to implement.

The first is not to reduce how many letters, which set up a program with healthy eating scale, long-term physical activity, change bad habits and be mindful of the risk caused by fatty fat . If you are you fat, before deciding to reduce the sign, go to the doctor to detect disease causing fat. Each person has a different body, a different fat, should you want to lose up to a program, plan own.

To reduce the sign, we can follow the following method:

1-Limit bring energy into the body-

a-To lose weight, the first thing is to reduce the amount of energy from food, but still full of nutrients. One more purpose is for the body to get energy from fat reserves in the buttocks, abdomen for daily needs.

Per day should consume 2000-2300 calories, depending on activity level. In a general way, we could calculate the number of calories needed each day by multiplying your weight in pounds (lb) 13, if the work less, or 15 if work much. If BMI from 27 to 35, energy intake should be reduced from 300 to 500 Calories; BMI over 35 is reduced from 500 to 1000 Kcalories each ngay.Voi cut down so we could take off 1 to 2 lb per week.

b-The nutrition experts suggest that one should eat a variety of grains, fruits, vegetables are things that do not have or have very little fat but also has less calories. Remember that insulin metabolize carbohydrates into fat stored in the liver.

c-fat, try not to exceed 30% of total calories per day, if 20 to 25% is best.

d-Rather than eating a piece of beef ribs, hamburgers you can eat beef round steak, sirloin or Flank Steak. As if to wipe butter or peanut butter bread, with up to 120 calories in a spoonful of soup, fruit jam while only 50 calories but no fat.

e-Eat small part. Share calories a day into three breakfast lunch, to each have at least 25 percent of the total energy.
g-I did not have to completely give up dessert if you eat a fruit cup, a small piece of cake.

h-Let's stick with a diet that has been my doctor for comments. Eat a variety of foods, balancing them and moderate food needs.

i-Burn to avoid foods such as wine, oil, salad, dessert dishes, sugar, fat

k-When eating out, do not read the menu too long before calling the dish, as easily seduced called many dishes. Need to know before you want to eat, not to imitate others when asked dishes.

After eating, required to move the disk to from sipping eat.

l-Eat slowly, enjoy the taste of food. Both eating and talking.

m-not both eat and watch TV or do something else for oral fun eating.

2-The food regime for slimming purposes:

There are many diet ads, introduced to help reduce fat and fewer calories programs (Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Medifast), high protein meals program, at carbohydrtates (Atkins, South Beach Diet); little substance fat (Ornish), high carbohydrate low protein; fiber; Herbalife program, Divas, Pritikin, Sugar Busters, Protein Power .... Just remind that we need a balanced diet with enough meat, fat, starch, vitamins and minerals, not just one type of nutrients.

Further the goal of reducing our character is learning how to live with food, not eliminate the other things first. Expertise in many shows take on a restricted diet, fat back quickly.
3-Increased energy consumption in physical activity.

Steven Blair, an expert in epidemiology, said that fat people often die earlier than thin people, but if the sharks that physical activity is also a long life. Man that weak from not mobilize more quickly dead shark three times.

Reduction program signed, so the engine can lead to biological benefits as well as psychoanalysis.

Exercise increases energy consumption, helps to maintain fat cells, increase bone density, especially in the bones bear the weight of the body, reduce blood fat and fat cells.

In terms of psychology, exercise increases the joy of life, reduce symptoms of severe nausea, increased self-confidence, self-esteem, creating a sense of hope and enthusiasm.

Movement can often be a program in the club or class up, at the gym. But this participation often interrupted because time is tight, busy with the business or be afraid to go that far, the weather interfered.

According to many experts, just 30 minutes or three times for ten minutes each day is enough. Sometimes, increasing the daily work is also good. For example, parking a little far to walk into the office; up and down floor by the stairs instead of the elevator; standing while talking on the phone long for the next step back than sit long in a chair.

No need to sweat exercise, but until you see breathing difficulties, heart beating a little faster is enough. It is necessary to exercise every day. At the same time, set a realistic goal, can accomplish. Permissive start slow and gradually increase the intensity. Keep some records to track campaign results.

Also experienced by many people, walking is more appropriate discipline for practice time, everywhere, not expensive and can increase or decrease depending on the health status.


The drug is to reduce advertising sign usually works to reduce appetite.

Currently, the market has the following drugs: amphetamines, phentermine (Ionamine, Fastin, Oby-Trim, Adiped-P); Sibutramine (Meridia), Orlistat (Xenical), Phenylpro

panolamine (Dextramin); Phendimetrazine (Bontril, Plegine, Prelux-2); Mezindol (Sanorex, Mazanon). Drugs Fenfluramine (Pondimin) and Dexfenfluramine (Pedux) has been banned for causing many health risks.

It can be used separately or together as Xenical / Sibutramine; fluoxetine / phentermine or herbal mixtures.

In addition, the cream (Dream Cream, Smooth Contours) is advertised as reducing the fat after a few weeks of applying pattern

There are the following things you need to know when deciding to use medicine prescribed by a doctor.

a-smoker only fat may help some people lose weight, provided that when combined with limited food consumption and increase energy through physical activity.

b-shark medication for more than 20% of ideal weight, not for people who want to lose three chips or want to have nice slim beautiful body. Moderate fat people that have a few more health problems such as heart disease, diabetes drug should be used only for a short time and under the care of a physician.

c-smoker-chip chip weeks to months may be safe. In this short time, the drug can lower blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.

e-smoker is not a substitute for physical activity and keep food

e-When the drug is stopped, it is possible to back up.

g-When taking decisions, the need for a doctor or are pregnant or breastfeeding; eating disorders; taking medicine mental mind; have diabetes, heart disease , high blood pressure, glaucoma, drug addiction or are about to have surgery.

h-Most drugs have many adverse effects such as causing headaches, vomiting, constipation, dry mouth hot springs, dizziness, abdominal pain, diarrhea, high blood pressure, increased heart rate.

i-With some drugs, when used longer than six months, can become addicted to, or familiar adults with drug abuse

k-A very important thing that should be examined as well as your doctor's instructions carefully before using this medicine.

l-Do not use more medicine diuretics, because I only down and not get fat.

m-Another thing remind that there are many types of food as medicine Slim 10, Quick Slim, Diet B, Minica, tea Mirapront was banned from sale because of dangerous side effects.


Surgery aims to reduce stomach size, narrow chin chew, suck less fat. This method is very popular and quite effective to reduce the sign but need specialist perform.

In the past decade, stomach shrinking surgery is widely applied. Stomach is tied off a small section to only about a feeding. The average excess weight from 80 to 100 pounds can be considered using this method. Complications of surgery are bleeding, infection, blood clots, respiratory failure. The method is expensive, ranging from 20,000 to 30,000 dollars which uses seem limited.

Prevention of obesity.

Found that reducing Register also difficult, costly experts thought about prevention, focusing on helping people maintain a moderate weight, especially in adolescents. They recommend that we check every year, especially for people with a BMI over 30. If there are exceptions, unusual to find and apply ways to prevent obesity ..


Obesity is a disease that tends to increase in all countries of the world. Disease leads to many serious consequences for human health.

In the U.S., the end of 2003, the European Parliament to discuss a law to prevent people's obesity epidemic. So, how to reduce the sign has been a job for more research to meet the needs of the public.

Reduce the work up can be very difficult but not that cause sadness, hopelessness. Some people take months, even years to be fat, less fat takes time, sometimes longer than the time to sharks.

So, you need not think that just a few weeks treatment is reduced Register. With a scientific method, with patience, if we have a motto, philosophy of eating, we will be successful.

There is also no need for procurement of, machinery reduces signed only need a small neat to want children, an understanding of nutrition together with a precise balance and an example to follow body weight is fat enough.

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