Obesity in children

A child is considered obese or overweight than when it weighs more than average height and age 20% or more. The best way to see the child is obese or not is to look at his arms and thighs child: If the book opens up the possibility, the child is obese. Obesity is not caused by any family or hormonal disease characteristics. Mainly due to the bad habits in terms of diet, usually for eating too much.
Obesity in children

Severe obesity?

Obesity in children

Obesity in children is very serious. First of all is the psychological pressure on the child obesity friends scoffed. Even more important is the obese children tend to grow up to become obese people are more at risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and joint disorders.

You need to see a doctor?

Please see a doctor as soon as possible if you think your child has a "problem" in terms of weight. In rare cases, obesity stems from a hormonal disorder, the doctor will refer you to a specialist endocrinologist to investigate.

In case of doubt due to illness, the doctor will have recommendations about diet. Also recommend that you encourage children to consume more energy.


- First of all, you consider obesity is due to excessive hard way of eating problems. If you plan to change your child's diet, you yourself must also follow these principles to set a good example for me.

- Do not give your child to eat a special diet to lose weight. Instead, you modify your child's diet with less processed foods, more fiber-rich fresh fruits and vegetables. Reduce flour, refined sugar in cooking. Avoid pastries, sweets and sugary soft drinks.

- Try not to fry food. Instead, grilled or steamed. Trim the fat from the meat before cooking. Instead I eat toast, celery and apple.

- Encourage the child to function.

Do not lock a child slow walking in a kennel or a push chair. Let me energy consumption by crawling or learning to walk. For great grandchildren, so let them play the game alive.

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