Men who don't eat breakfast may have diabetes

Men often do not eat breakfast, the risk of diabetes by more than 20%.

Men who don't eat breakfast may have diabetes

Harvard University surveyed nearly 30,000 men for 16 years and found men though not obese and healthy diet are still at risk of developing diabetes if you do not eat breakfast.

The object the start of the study participants were not get sub duong.Sau 16 years, men hardly eat breakfast have a higher risk of developing diabetes by 21% compared to the breakfast group.

Men who eat 1-2 meals / day, 25% higher risk of diabetes compared with all 3 meals / day
Breakfast helps reduce bad cholesterol plaque standing for a long time, clog arteries around the heart.

People who eat a high sugar foods and sedentary.

Only breakfast regularly is not enough to prevent disease. Another factor that plays an equally important role as diet meals.

You need a diet rich in vegetables, fruit and less sugar in all three meals of the day.

With three meals a day, including breakfast, combined with a reasonable diet is the best solution to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

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