Journey's anti-obesity weighs 314 kg

Dominique Lanoise the disease eat many times, I should be in bed because I could not walk, even wrapped with fabric for clothes that fit.


Lanoise appeared in many newspapers in 2010 after flying from Miami to Port-au-Prince in Haiti to visit relatives but did not return. No airlines agree to their boarding because she weighs nearly 227 kg. Finally, Lanoise be returned to you in Miami after the U.S. military layout military aircraft to bring her back. What would you think if the case

Just one year later, this mother of six weight continued to increase and up to 272 kg. Lanoise want surgery gastric contractions, but the doctor said it would only make her that if she desired to reduce fat. But after having lost more than 54 kg, Lanoise can not control your urge to eat. 10/2011, she has increased by almost 100 kg.

According to the Huffington Post, doctors end ccung the surgery for Lanoise as required, her stomach is scaled only by the egg. After discharge, 41-year-old woman was transferred to a medical facility rehabilitation, but two days later she voluntarily discharge.
Two weeks later, Lanoise started to become ill and died on 10/3 at age 41.

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