The first Lose weight perfume in the world


This perfume was introduced for the first time last year but has recently become popular in the UK market.
The  first Lose weight perfume in the world

The Daily Mail said there were about 6,000 women registered on a waiting list to buy the product. They hope that this product will really be a magic weight loss solution that they have come to expect.

Weight fragrance contains a series of components particularly useful for reducing the weight of the user. However, the most important component called quality Betaphroline, which will produce B-endorphins when combined with the epidermal cells of the skin. B-endorphins will stimulate the brain to reduce appetite.

Not only that, this perfume contains caffeine, carnitine, spirulina extract, when combined with other substances will increase the activity of enzymes involved in the breakdown of fats.

Fragrances now the effect of weight loss

Research Center for Biology and Laboratory There are skin tests on women aged 18 to 75.

Perfume according to its Web site, users often use perfume every morning and use whenever they appetite.

Scent of the perfume is also very popular with women. It is synthesized from home bergamot, mandarin, grapefruit, musk, vanilla, patchouli and sandalwood. Most women used try Prends-Moi said they would love to smell this perfume and will use it every day.

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