Lose weight after giving birth - tips for moms

Lose weight after giving birth - is a natural demand of you, because not everyone can be proud of his birth remains the old slender physique

Desire to lose weight is a natural demand of the young mother, because not everyone can be proud that after his birth still retain the old slender physique. However, you do not need to adhere to strict diet regime. After pregnancy, the woman's body has lost a lot of macro and micro elements. So take back the balance of minerals is essential.
Lose weight after giving birth - tips for moms

Breastfeeding or weight loss?

To get enough milk, mothers need to eat enough, even excess. During the period of breastfeeding, her they usually appetite, and it is a normal phenomenon.

Breastfeeding is the secret to weight loss for many women.
In the first six months, when the child fully breastfeeding, we should not restrict eating. Reduce diet can make breast milk less. The only thing that you should give up now refined sugar and sweets. Sweets not only cause you to gain weight, but also can cause children a lot of digestive problems.

When the child was 6 months and started feeding, the milk was gradually reduced. That is, it is time you can see his little diet. However, does not mean that the need to make diet does not bring a significant effect. You will limit eating in a few weeks and lose a few pounds.
More important is to know how to adjust the diet so that reasonable and balanced nutrients. There are several points to note are as follows:

Advice for the new born sister and breastfeeding (if the child is over 6 months) you want to lose weight.

- Do not eat constrained by a certain times. You should eat only when truly hungry. Whenever hungry, you try to endure another 15 minutes and only until then to eat.

- Do not take yourself too much food. Everyone just feed it and divided into many meals

- If you are used to eating a lot of it is hard to eat less immediately. So you do it slowly, each time take a little less food. Within two weeks, you will reduce the initial diet down 2 times and still not feel uncomfortable because of hunger, because your stomach was "familiar" with the amount of food.

- It is often said those who want to lose weight do not eat after 18 hours. If compliance with this diet, at night you may have to suffer from hunger. Then, just looking forward to the next morning rushed to the kitchen and tried to eat it no. Ideally, you should avoid falling into such extremes.

If you feel hungry in the evening, you can still eat, but use poor food calories but rich in vitamins and minerals. It is best to eat raw vegetables or security software. Potatoes of high-calorie foods in small quantities.

The food needed:

Vegetables: Vegetables are the main food in the diet of people who want to lose weight. Potatoes of high-calorie foods so you should not eat

Fish: birth and breast-feeding women should not ignore foods containing animal protein - meat and fish. This is a food source provides complete protein, iron, phosphorus, B vitamins, as well as trace elements and macro. Fish stew, baked or steamed is best.
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Diet and exercise will help you lose weight faster.
Dairy foods: These are foods that are required in the diet of women. We need to be added, and the best source of calcium is milk and yoghurt products.

However, you want to lose weight need to control the rate of fat in food. . You can use cheese, but not much, because they contain much fat and salt. Has the highest biological value is the soft cheeses.

Porridge: porridge can and need to be present in your menu. But should not take porridge because they contain a lot of sugar and salt.

Fruit: In addition to vitamins, trace elements and macro, fruit also contain cellulose makes people eat it for a long time. You may eat and need to eat fruit.

Absolutely no food or restricted?

The meat quiche: Please ignore the rolls, sausage, ham, bacon ... The cake made from flour, wheat flour

Sweets: This food should not be included in your diet. We not only weight gain, but we see the appetite.

The problem is that when eating sweets, increased rates of insulin in the blood. Insulin is also known as the "hunger hormone". If you start the day with a sweet, rest assured that the day you'll want to eat and delicious.

: Should reduce the salt in your diet. In lactating women, levels of prolactin in the blood, causing water retention in the body. Eat a lot of salt, you will be swelling and weight gain.

Mechanism of action of functional foods and teas to lose weight based on the effect of laxative and diuretic. Pharmaceutical, food often have laxative effect with just a baby sister by them or constipation. However, you can also get the same results if you eat plenty of vegetables. The most appropriate functional foods that contain fiber and cellulose.

Diuretic ingredients can make the body excrete minerals. This is undesirable, especially for women who are breast feeding. Need to take excess water from the body, but to do that it is best to limit salt intake. Moreover, not functional foods or weight loss tea are also allowed to use during breastfeeding.

"I have a lot of weight gain during pregnancy. After birth is still 10 kg more than normal. I can not accept this fact and decided to lose weight. The first thing that I started to pay attention to things to eat, eat what and how much to eat. I limit sweets and starches, less junk food. Every day, I caught myself in practice. As a result, after two months I have lost 5 pounds, and I'm glad of that. "

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