Ideal Weight and Height for Girls

Today, i will give   Ideal Weight and Height for Girls

Body Mass Index

BMI is the formula which physicians use for determining the fat of the body based on the height and weight ratios of the body. The BMI of the body determines whether the person is underweight, overweight or obese.
  Ideal Weight and Height for Girls

According to the WHO, the result (Body Mass Index) is sorted into these categories:
BMI References ScoreResult
Less than 17Too low
25–30Minor obesity
30–35Unhealthy obesity
35–40Extremly unhealthy obesity
More than 40Severe adiposotas
The Body Mass Index is calculated by putting your body’s height and weight in the formula. The Body Mass Index is a result of dividing the body weight (kilograms) by the body height squared (meters).

The BMI parameters vary with age and sex. The BMI number is plotted in a graph for age. These growth charts help to categorize it in percentiles. Percentiles are very popular in assessing growth rates in individuals and are a widely accepted measure in the United States. An individual with BMI below the 5th percentile, will be considered underweight as compared to others in the same age group and sex. Similarly, if the percentile of the person is between 5th and 85th, then it is considered as normal weight for the same age group and sex of the person. Between 85th and 95th percentile is overweight and being obese would be equal or greater than 95th percentile.
Here we give you the ideal weight-height chart for girls to help you get an exact and correct idea on how obese is your girl. Average height-weight chart for girls is mentioned below:
1kg = 2.2 lbs
Child AgeAverage Height(cms)Height Range(cms)Average Weight(kgs)Weight Range(kgs)
6 Months7470 – 80107.5 – 12
17467- 8097.5 – 12
28678 – 94129 – 12
39585 – 1041410 – 20
410290 – 1121612 – 23
5109100 – 1201814 – 25
6115102 – 1262116 – 32
7121106 – 1352318 – 38
8127108 – 1422618 – 40
9132120 – 1462919 – 51
10138122 – 1523221 – 58
11143125 – 1623624 – 66
12150131 – 1684026 – 70
13155138 – 1724528 – 74
14160142 – 1785033 – 79
15162145 – 1795336 – 82
16162146 – 1795640 – 86
17163146 – 1795740 – 87

Reasons to prevent obesity in young girls

Obesity should be curbed at a young age, especially in girls. It is because during teenage, obesity can bring in added complications to the body and mind. Teenagers are very conscious about their looks. The realization of excess body weight can easily push young girls into depression. In the later years, obesity can increase the risk of developing heart diseases and type 2 diabetes. Research studies have proved that there is a nexus between physical disorder like obesity and most prevalent bad habit in the American society, smoking.
Obesity is at its peak in 12 years old girls. This is an age just prior to the onset of teenage. Parents should ensure that the pocket money they start giving to their teenage children is not spent on eating junk foods instead. Regular exercise for at least 30 minutes is a must for all teenage girls. Skipping of meals should not be allowed by parents at all. Teenage girls can be granted freedom in all other aspects of life. But the health of a teenage child, especially a girl, should be a responsibility of parents until she turns 18.

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