Top 10 of tallest players in National Basketball Association (NBA) history


This is a list of the tallest players in National Basketball Association (Nba) history. The tallest player to be inducted into the National Basketball Association is  Yasutaka Okayama, a Japanese basketball player who was measured at 7 feet 8 inches (2.34 m) and 330 pounds (150 kg).
10.Priest Lauderdale 
Top 10 of tallest players in National Basketball Association (NBA) history
Top 10 of tallest players in National Basketball Association (NBA) history

Height: 7'4''  (2.24m) Weight: 325 Pounds (147 kg)
Priest Lauderdale played 2 seasons in the NBA (1996-1998). During his two-year career in the NBA, he averaged 7.1 minutes, 1.9 rebounds, and 3.4 points. After 2001 he played professionally in Bulgaria for Lukoil Academic, and received Bulgarian citizenship three years later
9. Ralph Sampson
Ralph Sampson to this day is still considered one of the greatest players in the college level. He played 9 seasons in the NBA (1983-1992). He played for four different teams: Houston Rockets, (where he spent the first half of his career), Golden State Warriors, Sacramento Kings, and Washington Bullets. NBA stats: 9 seasons, 456 games, 29.8 minutes per game, 15.4 points per game, 8.8 rebounds per game and 1.6 blocks per game. The two were nicknamed “The twin towers” and enjoyed a fruitful partnership their first 2 seasons together. Throughout the middle of his career he battled knee injuries because of his big frame and he was never able to stay healthy for a full season of games battling with knee and back injuries.      
8.Height: 7′ 4” (2.24 m)  Weight: 265 Pounds (113kg)
NBA Career length: 12 seasons (1988-2000)
Rik Smits played 12 seasons in the NBA (1988-2000). Rik Smits played his NBA career with one team, the Indiana Pacers
NBA career stats: 12 seasons, 867 games, 26.6 minutes per game, 14.8 points per game, 6.1 rebounds per game and 1.3 blocks per game. Smits developed nerve damage in his feet from wearing tight shoes as a teenager. Foot problems hobbled Smits for the majority of his career, and he retired at the conclusion of the Pacers' 1999–2000 season, after Indiana was defeated by the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals 4 games to 2.
7. Mark Eaton
Height: 7'4''  (2.24)  Weight: 290 Pounds (132 kg)
Mark E. Eaton (born January 24, 1957) is a retired American professional basketball player who was a member of the NBA's Utah Jazz from 1982 to 1994.
NBA career stats: 11 seasons, 875 games, 28.8 minutes per game, 6 points per game, 7.9 rebounds per game and 3.5 blocks per game
6. Slavko Vranes 
Height: 7'5'' ( 2.26m)  Weight: 275 Pounds (150 kg)
Slavko Vranes only played three minutes in one game with the Portland Trailblazers during his entire NBA career (2003-2004). At 2.26 m he is one of the tallest players in the world.
NBA career stats: 1 season, 1 game, 3 minutes, 1 missed field goal, 1 personal foul.
5. Chuck Nevitt 
Height: 7'5''  ( 2.26 m)  Weight:250 Pounds (138kg)
Chuck Nevitt is a Russian professional basketball player for Sibirtelecom Lokomotiv Novosibirsk. Formerly, he played in the NBA and the NBA Development League.
The 21 overall pick in the 2004 NBA draft, Podkolzin amassed a total of six NBA games, scoring 4 points, playing for the Dallas Mavericks. His nine seasons of minutes played totaled up to be about the length of 18 full NBA games. Since then, it’s been the Russian League for him.
4. Yao Ming 
Height: 7'6'' (2.29 m)   Weight: 310 Pounds (141 kg)
Yao Ming (born September 12, 1980) is a retired Chinese professional basketball player who played for the Houston Rockets of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He hardly played any basketball after going down in the 2009 NBA playoffs against the LA Lakers. Heading up to the 2011-2012 season, Ming announced his retirement. He has played for the Houston Rockets his whole career in the NBA. He averaged 32.6 minutes per game, while ripping down 9.2 rebounds and scoring 19 points per game till this day
NBA career stats: 8 seasons, 486 games, 32.5 minutes per game, 19.0 points per game, 9.2 rebounds per game and 1.9 blocks per game.
3. Shawn Bradley 
Height: 7'6'' (2.29 cm)   Weight: 275 Pounds
NBA career length: 12 seasons.
Shawn Paul Bradley (born March 22, 1972) is a retired American and German (dual citizen) basketball player. He has played for three different teams:Philadelphia 76ers, New Jersey Nets, and Dallas Mavericks.
NBA career stats: 12 seasons, 832 games, 23.5 minutes per game, 8.1 points per game, 6.3 rebounds per game and 2.5 blocks per game.    
2. Manute Bol 
Height: 7'7'' (2.31m)  Weight: 225 Pounds (143 kg)
Manute Bol was a Sudanese-born basketball player and political activist. Manute Bol played 10 seasons in the NBA (1985-1995). He played for four different teams: Washington Bullets, Golden State Warriors, Miami Heat, and Philadelphia 76ers.
NBA Career stats: 10 seasons, 624 games, 18.7 minutes per game, 2.6 points per game, 4.2 rebounds per game and 3.3 blocks per game. He is the only player in NBA history to block more shots than he has made, and is ranked 2nd behind Mark Eaton in Career blocks per game with 3.34  
1.Gheorghe Muresan
Height: 7'7''  (2.31 m) Weight: 303 Pounds ( 143 kg)
Gheorghe Dumitru Mureșan (born February 14, 1971), also known as Ghiţă or George, is a retired Romanian professional basketball player. Gheorghe Muresan played only 6 seasons in the NBA (1993-2000). He played for two different teams, the Washington Bullets and New Jersey Nets.
A good 94-95 season was followed by an even better 95-96 in which Muresan scored 14.5 points per game, grabbed 9.6 rebounds per game, blocked 2.3 shots per game.
Some of you might remember Gheorghe Muresan from the movie "My Giant" (1998), where he starred with Billy Crystal and Kathleen Quinlan.
NBA career stats: 6 seasons, 307 games, 21.9 minutes per game, 9.8 points per game, 6.4 rebounds per game and 1.7 blocks per game.    

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