Grow taller after 21 years

Higher after 21 years. There are medications that increase height, so I'm very happy and hope. Please ask your message: There is no drug or increase height? If so, what is the drug name, where to buy, how to use, and should I take?.
Grow taller after 21 years

There are drugs that grow taller. First of all, to clear a bit: Pituitary below as part of the brain, although very small size (weighs only 0.5 grams), but also very special to many important functions. It is the birthplace of the growth hormone called GH (Growth Hormone).

Those low, dwarf usually by the anterior pituitary GH production are not enough of - was found to be low in the blood of people with GH deficiency more than normal people. If we obtain the full amount of GH, give injections for low dwarf was in childhood will make higher up.

Now, thanks to biotechnology and recombinant DNA techniques it is possible to produce large quantities GH, with the brand name of the well-known pharmaceutical companies in several countries. It's like drugs asellacrin, Grorm, humatrope, maxomat, norditropin, Saizen ... closed vial lyophilized powder with 1ml and 5ml tube solvent to dissolve the drug when injected.

Grow taller after 21 years

It is indicated for children less developed body height due to growth hormone deficiency. Dose, depending on the physical condition, you can use 0.5 to 0.7 IU / kg body weight / week divided into 3 times in a week intramuscularly, or subcutaneously 3 -7 times / week.

Use of growth hormone therapy is most effective for children with moderate height by body hormone deficiency. Typically, the best treatment is for children between 3 -7 years old and need to be maintained until the end of the treatment dose puberty. From age 20 onwards stopped growing height, growth hormone injections are also not too high.

 At age 21, the bone is no longer being developed for grow taller, you need to accept this fact.

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