The method helps you increase the efficiency dimension

The method helps you increase the efficiency dimension

The height of a person depends on the factors: genetics, nutrition, environment and physical exercise, in which genetics is crucial. Height increased most in the first few years of life and puberty. At puberty will have a height that period jumped 10-12cm if good nutritional care.

It is not too difficult for you to "improve" slightly where a few centimeters. You discover the following rules okay!

1. The height of development at puberty
The method helps you increase the efficiency dimension

Because when puberty ended (after 18 years), your height will increase very slowly and barely more developed (the boyfriend may be higher in 22-25 years, girls have be as high as 20-22 years old).

After puberty, the decline of hormones related to calcium and phosphorus for height growth slowed by stopping the conversion of calcium into the bones. So, want to develop good height, you have extremely conscious "care" height from the beginning stages of puberty too (11-12 years old onwards). If you omit this stage, you are just wasting was a "golden opportunity" and then that opportunity will never come back again where the back door. Keep in mind okay!

2. Sport is very useful for height

Each day outside of class hours and the extracurricular activities, the body you the right to practice sports and spend between 30 minutes to 1 hour daily exercise okay. In particular, to further develop his height, you should note that choosing the sport has a beneficial effect on overall height, such as the short run, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, single beam, by wade ... The sport if continuous training, excitement will help them stretch their conditional spine, hands and feet "commands crowded" than to stride confidently with your friends there.

There are a few ways to increase height exercise more but still effective, which is practiced with the increased height. Just lying on the machine, adjust posture and started training in spine stretching therapy. The method of increasing the height stretching machine will help the development of cartilage tissue, increasing the size. Every rose is a little cartilage, your height is also improved. Practice moderation and patience every day, after 2 months you can increase from 1-3 cm depending on condition and age of each person.

In addition, each day 20 minutes sun exposure causes skin area exposed to sunlight to create vitamin D needed for bone growth we ahead.
3. Proper nutrition between "quantity and quality"

Fasting, dieting too are not good for the body as naturally reducing the amount of food a daily diet makes your body not getting enough daily energy needed then. Therefore, you must eat enough and enough. Besides, should also pay attention to dietary nutrients are closely related to the height of growth such as protein (protein), vitamin A, vitamin D, lysine, calcium, iron, zinc, iodine ...

The note also drink 2 glasses of milk per day more milk is okay because the food is indispensable if you want to develop height. It is an optimal food and is recommended for the entire period, for each phase of milk will help protect health in a different direction there. If less than 18 years old, can drink more milk and actively exercise to maximum height before development can not increase any more.
4. Get enough sleep and time
The method helps you increase the efficiency dimension

This principle might seem "extremely easy" with you right? 8 hours of sleep at night as well as the sense to go to bed early, get up early to greet the dawn will soon be very much better for the body. Try to spend time afternoon nap of 15-30 minutes is also essential for health. Because if you get enough sleep and the right time will give you a deep sleep and it also stimulates growth factors are pituitary gland, adding height and weight.

Note: In order to develop height and their weight, you should be monitoring your weight and height every month to see her okay "improvements" are. Also the height of development, there are four principles "golden key" to help bandep with a good body, compact and healthy.

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