What to do when an accident severed arms and legs?


Victims of severed arms and legs from the body after the accident can be disabled for life.However, if properly aid will reduce the consequences.
What to do when an accident severed arms and legs?
Patients ice crashed and should be pressed to avoid bleeding wound. Once ensure the life and safety for patients, rapid preservation of the limb away from the body.

Survival of the severed limb from 3-8 hours. For more small parts such as fingers, toes, the time is 4-12 hours. If the spending is cut as high up close to the body, the time reduced from 3-8 hours because of the larger blood vessels, the rate of blood loss of more faster.

So time is very important to the body or near the place of accident to bring more of the patients with first aid.

 Note: Refrigerate completely different to bring the severed limb drop it in stone.
1. First, the broken limb should be washed with boiled water.
2. Then, wrap them with a clean cloth or bandage around.
 3. Then, for the majority of water in sealed plastic bags and placed in the ice box, the brass easiest containing ice or put in a plastic bag containing ice.
4. Finally, the victim quickly moved along the cost to the hospital.

Doing this helps to reduce temperatures and prolong the life of the limb broke.

 For more broken but have not dropped out of the body, the so-called wash off near the left limb, the limb off and tape with the victim's wounds. Most small plastic bag containing ice on the cut near the left while moving the victim to a hospital.

Do not: Multiple instances can not save the severed limb because they dropped directly into the barrel da.Vi that the spending cut in direct contact with ice and cold burns.

Some people wrap only severed the map you cause them to become infected. Soak in milk or any other liquid will cause more rapid die because of the similarities in the physiological concentration.

But this would be very useful for you and your loved ones

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