Shaving how to properly


Shaving happen every day and there is always the risk of scratches, multiple infections. The immune system to work more. So, you should shave properly
Shaving how to properly

The note:

 Should shave before breakfast. Shave after breakfast bleed easily.

- Do not shave in the evening for sensitive skin as it was very early in the morning so easy to scratch the face. Shaving with hair still damage skin

- Wash your face thoroughly with warm water before shaving to open both pasteurized skin and large pores.

- Shaving with a knife or by arbitrary machines like each person but most blades sharp and clean.

- Shaving is always in the direction of whiskers. Shaving in the opposite direction that causes injury

- Rinse with cold water after shaving to just quickly closed pores.

- Apply solution after shave (after shave) alcohol to disinfect the skin,
Shaving how to properly

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