Obesity increases the risk of cancer.

Obesity is the leading factor increases the risk of cancer

Obesity increases the risk of cancer.

On 1/10 Conference organized by the European Cancer Prevention, held in Berlin (Germany) with the participation of 18,000 professionals, showed that at least 124,000 cases of cancer was discovered in 2008 in the continent this is directly related to being overweight.

Analysis of the epidemiological data, the British experts found that in 2002 the number of patients with obesity-related cancer has exceeded 70,000 cases of a total of 2.2 million cases in 30 studies European countries.

The rate of cancer related to obesity vary by country, but is particularly high in women: 2.1% of Danish women, while the rate is 8.2% for women Republic. From 2002 to 2008, the proportion of cancer due to obesity has exceeded 40%.

However, people still have not found the real cause leading to an increased risk of cancer due to obesity, but only made ​​12 biochemical hypothesis could explain this phenomenon.

According to experts, the cases of obesity have high cancer risk, need regimen, appropriate exercise, a sensible diet and need the help of drugs reduce the absorption capacity energy.

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