New way of curing obesity

Scientists at the University of Bonn (Germany) Research has discovered a protein kinase to regulate the reproduction and performance of brown fat cells.By activation of protein kinase signal path, scientists have discovered a new method to treat obesity.
New way of curing obesity

Brown fat cells and white fat cells are not the same role.
Primary function of white fat cells store fat, whereas brown fat cells have functional metabolism of fat into energy.

Previous studies suggest that the reason in newborns with a lot of brown fat cells is to help keep them warm, but brown fat cells fades away along with the maturity of the people.The latest research findings in the neck of adult brown fat cell volume, however for those who are too fat, brown fat cells are not flexible, even complete loss of function convert fat into energy.Inflexibility and imbalance of brown fat cells in adults are the cause of obesity.However, if the "security setting function release fat into energy" is enabled, meaning that we can find the ideal method to reduce fat in a "get exclusive treatment a".According to the scientists, just a cell of about 50g of brown fat cells is able to raise 20% of likely consumption of fat in the human body.

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