Menu to lose weight one week off 6kg here


Ingredients: 6 onions, 6 tomatoes, 1 cabbage, 2 stalks scallion, 3 tablespoons water, spices.
Menu to lose weight one week off 6kg here

Make: Thai vegetables, onion into small pieces, washed, simmer for 10 minutes, reduce heat and continue cooking for tender. For soup into the, drunk nhuyen.Dung when the hungry, this soup does not increase the calories. However, if used for a long time, may be malnourished (and tired anymore). So you should follow the instructions for 1 week as follows:
Day 1: Use soup with all kinds of fruit, drink water or tea.
Day 2: Use soup with green vegetables (avoid corn). At night, you can use a 1 baked potato. Do not use this in the day fruit.
Day 3: Use soup with any kind of fruit and vegetables that you love.
Day 4: 3 bananas, drink plenty of water along with the soup of the day.
Day 5: Use soup 1 time / day, with 280-560 grams of beef and six tomatoes.
6: Use soup 1 time / day, 2-3 pieces of beef beefsteak with vegetables.
7: Use soup 1 time / day, brown rice, unsweetened fruit juices and vegetables.
After one week, if the weight more than 6 kg, temporary stay of 2 days before repeating this menu.

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