Best exercise to lose weight


Exercise is saying here is a collection designed by top bodybuilding coach the United States and was selected as the last episode "3" - the most comprehensive work, the fastest performance, and application easiest.

Best exercise to lose weight

What is the fastest way to lose weight, and have a toned body, sexy? The simple answer is: a combination of physical exercise and high-intensity training (HIIT) exercises below. These movements are not a great innovation, but has been proven time efficient training method the fastest, most comprehensive work on the entire body and the most easily done.

Preparation: 1 kg (3-6kg), 1 to jump rope

Implementation: The non-stop between the movements. Repeat the entire exercise three times. To achieve the best results, exercise 3 times / week. If you want to increase the difficulty of the exercise, increase the weight of the weights.

1First movement

Stand with feet hip-width apart, knees slightly sagging, two handles 2 dumbbell to close before the thigh.
Do not move the legs, slowly bend down to the upper body parallel to the floor, holding weights close thigh possible.
Put weight on one leg, straight leg behind. Keep a deep breath and stood up straight and switch sides.
8 times on each side of the foot.

2Two movements

Two handles 2 dumbbell, stood two feet wider than hip width.
Bend elbows, bringing the weights up to shoulder height, then sat down in a position like sitting in a chair.
Stand up straight back and outstretched arm holding a weight over your head. When weight down as low as they continue to lower the 2nd sat down on the bench.
Done quickly moves a total of 10 times to sit down.

3 movements

Jump rope to ensure that soft ground with both feet, and always walking with my chest high.
Go wireless with the wrist rather than the arm, trying to keep the elbow.
Jump rope for 1 minute.

4 movements
Stand up straight, arms straight thanksgiving let close to the slopes.
Step the left foot one step forward to wide body position as to enlarge
Bend elbows, bringing the weights to shoulder height, then stand back, legs up so that the thigh parallel to the ground (small picture).
From there the big step up one step body position as a big picture.
Repeat 10 times with each foot step up.

5 movements
Upright, slamming the left leg to push a big step forward.
Put weight on the front, back, sloping at an angle of 45 degrees, arms folded in posture as running.
Reverse quickly turned legs position, sprint constantly as you are about 10 times the island leg, rest 30 seconds and then four more times.

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