A better way to lose fat


The fatty me long and hard to hold great weight caused from eating habits, exercise and daily activities of children, for example:

A better way to lose fat

- Sweet habit of eating fatty, fast food, foods high in calories

- Drink some water, eat less vegetables, eat more fresh fruit fresh fruit at

- Eating Hours not stable, with no fixed mealtimes or the meals are too far apart, when the body is hungry also facilitate body fat

- Habit of eating at night, or late dinner, eat dinner, too much

- Above all is the practice mode, daily life still could not make up for your body calories you intake each day:
Call energy you a daily loads En, the daily energy consumption through the activities of children is Et:

Weight Loss when En-Et <0
Keep weight when En-Et = 0
  Weight Gain when En-Et> 0

To lose weight, you need to reduce energy intake or increase exercise. The most effective is a combination of two a logical way to both lose weight, firming and strengthening the physical body.

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